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Our Inheritance with Christ

Posted by Larry Elliott on

Hey all!

I thought I would take a quick moment on my vacation to share what I wrote down in my time with God this morning. As I read through Ephesians 1:3-14 again, I thought to make a list of all that we have received in Christ as mentioned in these verses. Please be encouraged by this list (and know this is only scratching the surface!).

1. every spiritual blessing

2. in heavenly places (not here)

3. chose us

4. holy and blameless in him

5. predestined (2x)

6. adopted

7. blessed

8. redemption

9. forgiveness

10. lavished riches of his grace

11. revealed mystery to us

12. united all things

13. inheritance (2x)

14. according to his will

15. our hope in Christ results in praise of his glory (3x)

16. salvation

17. sealed by HS – guarantee (promised)

18. Spirit of wisdom and revelation

19. eyes of our hearts enlightened

20. know hope

21. called


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