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Sharing Your Testimony
Posted by Samantha Wichman on

Sharing Your Testimony Before I became a Christian, I had no idea what a testimony was. When I was fourteen, one of our neighbors invited my mom over for coffee and asked if she could share her testimony with my mom. Until my mom explained to me what our neighbor had told her, I was completely...

The Basics of Baptism
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This Sunday, the Park Hills family is holding a special baptism service. As we prepare to watch four special individuals be baptized and celebrate with them, I think it would be helpful to spend some time remembering what baptism is all about. Matthew 28:19-20 says: “Go therefore and make...

The Great Love of Jesus
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Last week Mark explained that Jesus came to earth and took on flesh in order to model and experience life for us. He did this so that He could reunite us with God and help us walk through this life. Even though Jesus is perfect and sinless, His time on earth was not easy. The years He spent...

The Powerful Hope of Advent
Posted by Samantha Wichman on

The Powerful Hope of Advent  This past Sunday we celebrated the advent message of hope. Although hope is absolutely central to the Christian faith, I’ll be honest: I far too often underestimate the power of true advent hope.  As I prepared to listen to the sermon on Sunday, I...

Foundations to Advent
Posted by Samantha Wichman on

Transition from Faith Foundations to Advent Series For the past five weeks, we’ve been learning about the foundation of the Christian faith. The pastors here at Park Hills have walked us through some tough questions: What is Scripture, and why should we put so much stock in it? The Bible...