At Park Hills we desire to help couples cultivate relationships that are Christ-centered. Our goal is to provide resources that will encourage married, and soon to be married, couples to seek the Lord's guidance through His Word and through prayer. We also want to provide a community in which couples can seek guidance and ask for help as they grow together and in their faith. 

Check you our Events page to see what upcoming events we have that can help strengthen and bless your marriage.


Married Couples - We would like to encourage you to plan an intentional Date Night in September!  Date nights are an essential and fun part of marriage! Making it a priority shows your spouse they are important to you. So put your date night on your calendar and don’t skip it no matter what! Be Intentional! For those who have children and are in need of childcare, we are offering to watch your kiddos (nursery - 5th grade) for FREE at Park Hills Church on Sept 14th from 5:30-9:00pm.


And Speaking of Date Night....   

Sometimes it's hard to find a unique date.   So, we have an idea for you.  Tim Hawkins is in concert in the area over the next couple months.  If you aren't familiar with him, His  comedy show entertains the entire family while doubling down on the funny, a daunting task in an age where the obscene has become routine. His act is 1 part gifted + 2 parts twisted - the only certainty being his on-the-nose observations that expose the ridiculousness of daily life while marveling in its hilarity. The perils of marriage, homeschooling, and growing up in the Midwest may not exemplify the rock star life, but they make for really good punchlines. And while his stand-up is riotous, fans are often more amazed at his singing voice and guitar chops. Tim’s hilarious music videos have brought him viral YouTube fame with fan favorites including The Chick-fil-A Song, Yoga Pants, Cletus Take The Reel, and The Government Can.

You can find his videos and music HERE, and if you want to set up a fun date, you can find ticket information HERE


If you are seeking marriage or pre-marital counseling, please contact our Church Office for more information about our services.