Marna's Story

About 9 years ago, I got caught up in the economy crash. At this time, I also worked with a gal that was the biggest bully I ever worked with. She didn’t just treat me bad, but everyone she worked with that didn’t fit into her criteria. I tried to go to management but that didn’t work either. I dealt with this every day.

 When the economy went bad I lost my house. I had to file bankruptcy. I kept my bills paid but had no money to buy groceries, so I lived off of what I had in the cupboards. I needed to consider trading cars, but I had no money for that either. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I broke down. All I did was cry. I didn’t know which way to turn. If I could have found a way to end my life, I would have done it. But I needed to make sure that whatever I did worked. I didn’t want to end up a vegetable and a burden to my family. Even my so called best friend wasn’t there for me.

So, one Sunday, I cried al morning. I walked through the church doors and said “I can’t do this anymore.” My church family came to my side. They went and got Pastor Rich. We talked for a little bit and they all prayed. Pastor insisted that I come inside for church.

So I was the man left by the side of the road and my Park Hills Church family were the good Samaritans of Luke 10:30.