Chris's Story

My name is William, but I like to go by my middle name, Chris. Well, where should I start with what Jesus Christ and God have done in my life to this point today?

I will go back as far as my 21st birthday on August 17th, 1998. I was walking around Spokane, Washington. I came across a small gospel area church. The people inside this small building help with the homeless by giving them something to eat, a place to stay warm during the winter, and somewhere to enjoy the Word from the Bible. That was the first time I asked God into my life. 

The next eight years were not good for me. I started to let go of God and try to do things on my own. In those eight years, I was homeless, without my family, and trying to find work. It was a big mistake for me to try all this on my own for that long of a time.

When I was twenty-seven years old, my parents asked me to move from Spokane, WA to Clinton, IA.

I got some help from an old friend that my dad helped in Spokane. Plus I was also doing something that would help other people that need plasma to stay alive. I did this for a couple of years. The place in Spokane gave money to me and others to help those in need of plasma every day. I was thinking that God gave me this idea to help others in need. It also helped me to move to Clinton, IA in 2004. My dad had health problems and needed help. Plus, God and others around me said to go.

I was on my way to Clinton, IA with only a few things. I left my past in Washington State to start a new life in the Midwest. God was helping me but I did not always need Him to tell me what to do in my life. My life started to get worse every day and night.

My family took me for a stupid person. My family told me that I would not amount to anything in this world. My family kept pushing and pushing and pushing until I took it matters in my own hand. But first let me explain some things.

I was married to a beautiful woman who was my wife for eight years. My wife had a kid from a different relationship before me. I wanted to be with my wife the first time that she walked into the doors at Sullivan's Foods in Savanna, IL.  

My wife and I were blessed by God with a little baby boy. I was the proudest parent alive when our son was born on September 28th, 2009. The reason why I was so happy was because I knew my son would be able to have a family of his own when the time was right and he could have a son of his own.

 My dad was happy, but my wife wanted a baby girl. I told her that I was sorry that it did not happen. I also said that we could try again to have a daughter. My wife said yes that would be nice, but it didn't happen. The reason was that I was at my breaking point with my regular family before my wife got into the picture with our kids. 

At age 34 just a couple of months before my 35th birthday, I wrote a suicide note, took over ten thousand milligrams of any pill that I had in my and my wife's bedroom. I also hanged myself with my belt around my neck. I was told at the hospital that I was 95 percent dead on the E.R. table. 

I have to really thank the one and only person who was in the hospital ER that night—that is my heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. One other person that I truly miss is my grandfather. I miss him the most out of my entire family to this day.

Right now I am writing this and want to share my story with a lot of people that go to Park Hills Church. Those people who took me into their family when I didn't have my family round for the holidays these past five years On June 2nd, 2018 it will be six years since I wanted to end everything but I sit here still writing this. I am thankful, grateful, joyful, and most importantly happy to be alive. That is because I have not been doing things for me the last five years. God and Jesus Christ are making all this happen and allowing me to still be here through all my struggles, heartbreaks, and loss of not seeing my kids grow up.

The last thing I want to say is that I am 100 percent happy and full of lots of joy to call the entire church at Park Hills my family. Thanks for keeping me strong and helping me to figure out what my life is good for. I am also going to keep learning about my heavenly father and Jesus Christ until the end of the ages. Amen to all and Amen to everyone at Park Hills.

That is my story and testimony for others to read.

God bless everyone,
William (Chris)