Helping Haitians

10.04.16 | Missions | by Chris Stukenberg

    Many have asked, "What can we do?" and "How do I get involved?"

    I appreciate your heart and am with you - we must do something. Will we need to send some down to do some clean-up? Possibly. Will we be able to do anything? Not sure yet. What do they need? We will not know this until images and news start to come to us from Haiti. We need to know what happened and how much damage there is. Often, it is better to just help the organizations that are there already and working on the current challenges. They are our "boots on the ground" and there are a few organizations that we can trust. These sites are listed below, and I would encourage you to click, read, be moved and give as you see fit. These funds will actually get to people (possibly today!) and will do significant work to help the Haitians get out of this and also to know Christ (double bonus!!). So, in the meantime, pray, pray, pray and as you feel led, give. We will let you know if more is on the needed or if a trip is being put together.

    Mission of Hope:Haiti - great organization that is helping lead the charge for food distribution and serving immediate needs. To just give straight to MOH:Haiti, CLICK HERE.

    Fond Blanc Foundation - the foundation tied to the orphanage we serve. This Foundation hopes to help Fond Blanc develop and provide for the people there. To give a direct donation to the Foundation, CLICK HERE.

    Upstream International - a friend of mine moved to Haiti and his organization is helping out in an impoverished community: Cite' Soliel (Sun City).To give directly to Upstream, CLICK HERE.


    Thanks so much!